What is REALice®?

The REALice water treatment system for ice arenas eliminates the need for hot water when building and resurfacing ice. Easy-to-install and maintenance free, REALice removes the micro-air bubbles from water without using chemicals, filters or membranes. You’ll be creating hard, clear ice while substantially lowering your utility costs.


REALice, with a typical ROI of 1-2 years, requires no additional energy source to operate. It’s also eligible for rebates from various utilities throughout the USA.


This energy reduction tool is used by more than 500 indoor ice arenas worldwide. To calculate the energy savings REALice can bring your facility, download our estimate form here.


REALice is proud to be affiliated with The Arena Guide.

Key Benefits

  • reduces the draw on compressors and boilers
  • reduces the dehumidifiers’ run time,
  • contributes to less rust on structural beams
  • fewer ice cleanings needed
  • contributes to less condensation in the arena
  • less water used, and wasted
  • adds to a longer amortization on equipment


Estimated ROI:

  • 2 years for most single pads
  • Less than 1 year on most twin pads

Real Savings

Verified Natural Gas Reduction*0%
Average Electricity Reduction0%
  • Natural Gas Savings: 6000-9000 therms
  • Electricity savings: + 85,000 kWh
  • Cost Savings: $1,200 – $1,500/month

Great Ice Quality

REALice® treated water produces ice that’s hard and resilient.


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Since 2010, REALice® has been used by the NHL for outdoor games, the Winter Classics, Heritage Classics and Stadium Series games.

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Save on energy, wear and tear, corrosion and more. Click here to get started with REALice!

The hot water flood alternative for ice rinks and arenas - Click on the image to see the video

REALice - the hot water flood alternative for ice rinks and arenas

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Get started with the REALice® System

REALice® installation - starting from scratch

Installation takes between 1-2 hours. The system is installed next to the ice re-surfacers' water filling station.

REALice® installation - applied on existing ice

All 10 ice arenas in the FortisBC pilot were converted during the ice season. This process will take about 7h.

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