Now’s the Time to Reduce Operating Costs

Fond du Lac Arena

Now’s the Time to Reduce Operating Costs

As we begin 2022, it’s a great time to take stock and find proven options to reduce your arena’s operating costs. If you’re feeling stressed by increasing utility costs, you’re not alone. REALice will make a difference to your monthly energy spend. Our cold floodwater system is one of the top ways to reduce your arena’s operating costs: it will cut down your floodwater heating costs, and it will cost less to keep your ice refrigerated, too. It is the only energy efficiency measure focused on ice resurfacing that earns utility incentives.

The rink pictured above is one of three rinks at the Blue Line Family Ice Center in Fond du Lac, WI. They installed a REALice system last summer and are so glad they did. Not only is their ice quality far superior to what it was before, their surface temperature is much higher reducing refrigeration electrical costs.

How high is higher?

The Blue Line is running their ice 8°F warmer than before. Which means their compressors aren’t being called on as much as they used to. And since switching to REALice, they’re not short on hot water for the showers, either — something they struggled with in the past. How did they do that? They installed REALice. Eight degrees will make a HUGE impact on your water heating AND your electricity bill. That’s because REALice is a high-impact efficiency measure with immediate results.

At Blue Line, they’re noticing how much lower their utility bills are.

Most utilities offer incentives for arenas to install REALice: they’ve been mandated to help their customers reduce energy use and greenhouse gases.  We’d be happy to look into rebates — and put a rink savings profile together for your rink too. And because REALice is a long-term solution that needs nothing but water pressure to work, it will be there for you, year after year, acting like your own personal automated teller as it treats thousands of gallons of floodwater, week after week, year after year.

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