Author: Colleen O'Shea

REALice at Osoyoos

27 Apr The Perfect Tool for Your Rink

We've heard it called "Our Secret Weapon". Some call it "The Black Bulb" because of its shape. But the nickname we think is most impressive is "The Turbocharger".  No matter what they call it, ice makers using REALice have one thing in common: they love...

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LEDs make the REALice ice "sparkle"

15 Feb LEDs, REALice and Simple Payback

An LED lighting retrofit recently took place at the Mayfield Recreation Complex in Caledon, Ontario with a projected simple payback of 3.95 years. They tracked the changes which took them from 66-T5 fluorescents to LEDs. As you can see in this video, the color of the...

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Cash Flow Comparison Chart

04 Nov Easy Financing Through Efficiency Vermont

Did you know? Efficiency Vermont offers green financing of up to $50,000 through the VSECU for green projects like REALice. That means you might have no out of pocket expenses to get the REALice floodwater treatment system into your arena! Here are the highlights: Low interest rates Deferred payment...

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Make Great Ice with REALice.

16 Oct Savings and Great Ice? You CAN Have Both!

[caption id="attachment_19725" align="alignnone" width="763"] Hear what operators have to say about making great ice with REALice - in 96 seconds![/caption] If you're still flooding with hot water, you're losing money. Watch what what these ice makers have to say about the REALice difference: lower run times, energy...

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No ice cracks

02 Jul REALice Key to Success: Find Your Sweet Spot

Chet Murch, General Manager at The Rinks at Exeter, in Exeter, NH shares his REALice success story during the Mayor's Megawatt Challenge webinar on "Treated cold floodwater: debunking the myths". Watch the replay of the interview with Chet Chet talks about the process of installing REALice on their sand-based twin...

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Top 5 Reasons Why REALice

29 Apr Top 5 REAsons for REALice

Why should you put REALice in your arena? Great question! Here are the Top 5 Reasons to consider REALice: #1 - Make consistently better ice -- REALice lets you make clear, strong and resilient ice. REALice drains the micro air bubbles from the water, resulting in a denser sheet of ice. Did...

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Savings Calculator