Your ice is your bread and butter. REALice will keep it that way.

Your ice is your bread and butter.

Your ice is your bread and butter. REALice will keep it that way.

“We know that ice is your bread and butter,” says REALice consultant, Susie Miller. “We want you to continue making great ice — just without the need for extremely hot water. REALice lets you do exactly that.”

Turning the water temps down

With the REALice system, you don’t have to use hot water for resurfacing your ice anymore saving water heating costs and the cost to freeze hot water. That’s because REALice removes the micro air bubbles that are in the water — the same micro air bubbles you’re getting rid of when you heat that water in your boiler to 140°F (or often hotter). You can use cold water. And you can pre-fill your ice resurfacer, right after the last flood for the next one just a few minutes away, or the next one first thing the next morning.

Turning the floor temps up

Because the REALice-treated water is denser and colder, due to fewer micro air bubbles than regular water, it freezes faster. That’s why you’ll need to move your brine temps up — anywhere from 2-6°F — and that’s where the biggest energy savings are. With your ice just a bit warmer, you’ll need less electricity to keep it cold. And you’ll have less wear-and-tear on your ice plant, with longer spans between maintenance because of lower run time on your compressors.


“I know it sounds a bit topsy-turvy since ice makers have always been told to ‘Turn your water up and turn your temps down’ to make good ice,” says Miller, the former long-time arena manager at Braemar Arena in Edina, MN. “But the truth is, REALice lets you do the opposite, which lets you save energy and still make hard, clear ice that even your figure skaters will love. With REALice, it’s ‘Turn down the water and turn your temps up!’

Miller believes so much in REALice that she left her job with the City of Edina to consult with REALice last summer.

Endorsed by Utilities

With no moving parts, no filters, membranes or ongoing maintenance required, REALice has been endorsed by a growing number of utilities to earn energy efficiency incentives:

It’s time for REALice.

It’s time to switch to REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology. With high energy costs — and rebates available from many utilities — changing from hot to cold water ice resurfacing has never made more sense. To find out what REALice would mean to your facility, check out our Savings Calculator and see for yourself now.

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