Need a Cash Flow Boost? Here’s How REALice Can Help — Even Now.

Cash flow with REALice

Need a Cash Flow Boost? Here’s How REALice Can Help — Even Now.

Looking for a cash flow boost? Here’s how REALice can help.

This example is from one of our customers in Ohio. Instead of buying the REALice system, they financed the purchase. Their energy savings will cover the cost of their payments — and — here’s where the cash flow boost came in — they received generous incentives from their utility.

This is how Sports Plus Ohio, a large sports facility with two indoor ice arenas, financed their REALice purchase in March:

  1. Offer – by getting roughly a dozen questions answered about the regular ice operations, we are able to calculate how much REALice will save the facility by moving away from hot water floods.
  2. Utility Incentives – We hunt for rebates from the facility’s public utility. Utilities love REALice and the savings it brings their customers and they review our calculations to make incentive offers! For this arena, Duke Energy committed incentives of over $10,000.
  3. Financing – Most arena operators are eligible for third party financing, which means small monthly payments over the term, with no cash outlay. We use National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) a firm specializing in raising financing for green projects — like REALice. An offer was made with a variety of term options, showing the payment and the positive cash flow the arena will see by implementing REALice.
  4. Choice of Term – Sports Plus Ohio chose their term and decided to keep the incentives instead of using them to pay down the financing. In most cases, NEIF is able to extend both options.
  5. The approval process is straightforward and easy. Once approved, the financing paperwork was by the customer signed electronically and the REALice system was shipped.
  6. Once the system was delivered, our invoice was paid by the financing company.
  7. The REALice was installed and verified to Duke Energy, who sent the rebate check within 30 days of the installation.

NEIF’s Co-Founder and Chair, Matthew H. Brown, says this about working with us:

“NEIF is thrilled to offer financing to support the efficient REALice solution to ice rinks around North America,”says Brown. “We love working with Cypress and the REALice solution because the energy savings from REALice each month are usually much greater than the monthly financing payments. Doing business the way it’s always been done just doesn’t pay any more.”

Want to know more about how you can save money, preserve your cash, get incentive and be ready for when the ice needs to go back in? Contact us at

Because of COVID-19, customers financing 5-year terms will be able to defer payments for 3-6 months. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. No cash outlay for your REALice, deferred payments and a cash flow boost with the incentives you’ll receive. Now is really the time to act.

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