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Top 5 Reasons Why REALice

29 Apr Top 5 REAsons for REALice

Why should you put REALice in your arena? Great question! Here are the Top 5 Reasons to consider REALice: #1 - Make consistently better ice -- REALice lets you make clear, strong and resilient ice. REALice drains the micro air bubbles from the water, resulting in a denser sheet of ice. Did...

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Time to prepare for the future

01 Apr Planning for the Future

April 1, 2020 – With ice arenas closed and many year-round facilities having already taken out their ice, many arena managers are thinking about ways to reduce costs -- and the future. One way to plan for the future is shifting from hot water floods to...

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24 Sep Go Green and Save Some Green with REALice

If you dread opening your rink’s electric bill, you’re not alone. It’s very expensive to run an indoor ice arena, and utility costs keep going up. That's why you need REALice. REALice will make your arena more sustainable -- and save you a ton of green,...

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