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A second installation for REALice in the State of Washington

02 May Sno-King Orders First REALice System

Welcoming REALice to Washington Again!!! May 2, 2018 - Jamie Huscroft, the operations manager for the Sno-King Ice Arena in Renton, WA today confirmed an order for a REALice cold water resurfacing system for this two pad facility. The installation, which is expected before the beginning of June,...

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Valley View Casino Center picture of the ice

09 Apr AEG Facility Uses REALice for Better Ice

Just look at those colors!!! In March, 2018, the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA, installed a REALice system at their arena. While many of our customers are looking to reduce their annual energy spend by going to REALice to use cold water to...

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Oilfields Regional Arena - sub-par mechanical room

22 Jan Helping Sub-par Mechanical Rooms Perform

If you saw the ice at the Oilfields Regional Arena in Black Diamond, Alberta, you would never imagine the ice plant producing such great ice is what most ice makers would consider underpowered or “sub-par”. But behind it IS a sub-par mechanical room. And it's been that way been...

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Celebrating 2017 with REALice

29 Dec Celebrating 2017

As we look back on 2017, we have a much to be proud of, a great deal we are grateful for -- and look forward to a very busy 2018. With over 500 ice pads worldwide using REALice-treated water to make and maintain their ice,...

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Tacoma Twin Rinks

04 Dec Tacoma Twin Rinks Orders REALice

December 4, 2017 - Tacoma Twin Rinks LLC, the operator of Tacoma Twin Rinks in Tacoma, WA, has ordered a REALice System for its indoor ice facility. With its installation, expected before the end of the first week of December, the Tacoma Twin Rinks will...

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