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Ice in Paradise's Larry Bruyere

23 Feb Why REALice is a No-Brainer

"REALice? It's a no-brainer if you want to save money and have great ice." - Larry Bruyere, Ice in Paradise February 23, 2017 - REALice has been installed at Ice in Paradise in Goleta, CA ever since the twin-pad opened 16 months ago. Larry Bruyere is the...

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Mystique Community Ice Center

26 Jan “The Energy Savings Got Me Interested in REALice”

Mystique Community Ice Center's General Manager says switching to REALice's cold water resurfacing technology is giving his facility "tremendous savings"  The 3,079-seat Mystique Community Ice Center in Dubuque, Iowa opened in 2010. General Manager Ron Breitbach started working there a few months after the $7.2 million facility opened. This past summer,...

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