Meet Sam and Max — and Learn About REALice in Under 3 Minutes!

REALice explained in under 3 minutes

Meet Sam and Max — and Learn About REALice in Under 3 Minutes!

The REALice story under 3 minutes!

REALice explained in under 3 minutes

Click to watch the video to meet Sam and Max – and learn about REALice in under 3 minutes

REALice Canada launched an animated video to help potential customers of our cold water flood technology see how the REALice System works, the energy and associated costs it will save ice arenas — and how the resulting quality of the ice will not be compromised.

The animation features “Max”, an arena manager who is struggling to make ends meet with continually increasing energy costs.

It also features “Sam” who has moved away from hot water ice resurfacing and is using REALice-treated cold water instead.

Sam’s arena is saving 73,000 kWh per year, more than 5,000 therms of natural gas and on top of that is helping our planet by reducing up to 40t of CO2 emissions annually.

Paradigm Shift

“REALice as a concept is a paradigm shift for arena managers and owners, who have always relied on extremely hot water to make great ice”, says Tom Smolarek of Cypress, Ltd., the technology transfer partner for REALice in the US.

“By using video animation to illustrate our message and use real-life scenarios, we help our potential customers to grasp the cold water ice resurfacing concept and embrace it. We’re continually looking for ways to make our message simpler and demonstrate where the energy savings come from, and this is a great example of that,” Smolarek says

Click here to view our whiteboard-animated video

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