Do You Cringe When the Electric Bill Hits Your Desk?

Arena in Fraser Lake, BC

Do You Cringe When the Electric Bill Hits Your Desk?

Many owners and managers are doing a lot of cringing. Because utility costs must keep on moving higher. It’s EXPENSIVE to run a rink.


You may have read our last article featuring a seasonal single-pad rink. Since switching to the REALice water conditioning system, they’ve had a huge reduction in electric consumption. They went from using 386,000 kWh/year down to 222,000 kWh/year.

We wanted to show what it would mean if you were able to run your rink like they do in Fraser Lake. Here’s what their 164,000 kWh reduction calculates out at — just find your electric rate and you’ll see the savings. And we’re showing the cumulative avoided electric costs to year 5 and year 10 — REALice has an expected life of at least 15 maintenance-free years, but already those numbers should be a reason to get you interested in knowing more. It shows that your investment is worth the expenditure. And this is ONLY the electric savings: water heating costs will also be greatly reduced. JUST ASK – we’ll be happy to put together a customized rink savings estimate.

Take a look:

Cost/kWh Avoided kWh Avoided cost YR 1 Cumulative avoided cost YR 5 Cumulative avoided cost YR 10
0.05 164000 $8,200.00 $41,000.00 $82,000.00
0.06 164000 $9,840.00 $49,200.00 $98,400.00
0.07 164000 $11,480.00 $57,400.00 $114,800.00
0.08 164000 $13,120.00 $65,600.00 $131,200.00
0.09 164000 $14,760.00 $73,800.00 $147,600.00
0.10 164000 $16,400.00 $82,000.00 $164,000.00
0.11 164000 $18,040.00 $90,200.00 $180,400.00
0.12 164000 $19,680.00 $98,400.00 $196,800.00
0.13 164000 $21,320.00 $106,600.00 $213,200.00
0.14 164000 $22,960.00 $114,800.00 $229,600.00
0.15 164000 $24,600.00 $123,000.00 $246,000.00
0.16 164000 $26,240.00 $131,200.00 $262,400.00
0.17 164000 $27,880.00 $139,400.00 $278,800.00
0.18 164000 $29,520.00 $147,600.00 $295,200.00
0.19 164000 $31,160.00 $155,800.00 $311,600.00
0.20 164000 $32,800.00 $164,000.00 $328,000.00

Year Round Facility? Just multiply by 2.

Fraser Lake is a seasonal, single pad. If you’re running a year round pad, multiply the savings by 2. If you’ve got a year-round twin pad, multiply by 4.

Not everyone will achieve the results they have in Fraser Lake. All rinks are unique, with more or less insulation, thicker and thinner ice, more or less humidity, dehumidifiers or not. And, yes, their higher brine settings are pretty aggressive. But they align to what many REALice facilities are doing across North America and Europe. Just as a note: we expect a brine reset of at least 3°F higher, but many arenas bust that number wide open.


Utility incentives may be available to lower your simple payback. If you’d like to know more about that, or how you can put REALice into your arena, contact us.

Great Ice – and Great Financing, Too

We work closely with the National Energy Improvement Fund’s Commercial Energy Finance Division for equipment financing. NEIF, a certified B Corp®, can finance up to 100% of costs for improvements that make businesses resilient, energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable – like REALice. Stay liquid, and benefit in many cases from financing, rebates and tax savings. Send us an email and we’ll send you a 1-page brochure from NEIF – as well as the information we need to put a rink savings profile together for your rink.

Save money, make great ice, and get great financing too. With REALice.

Last thought: who would you rather pay? Your utility or yourself? With a great payback, incentives and financing, we’ll help find a solution that works for you.

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