The Energy You DON’T Use

10 reasons for REALice

The Energy You DON’T Use

Are your energy bills are making you wince? If they are, it’s time to make one small operational change that will cut costs and make ice making and maintenance easier.

Say Goodbye to Hot Water Floods

With REALice.

REALice uses water pressure only to treat the floodwater, resulting in ice that’s clear, dense and durable. It’s a system that requires no further energy spend or consumables to operate; the system itself is 3D-printed, with an expected life of 15+ years. It will reduce your floodwater heating consumption by up to 100%, and cut your electric consumption by around 10% or more.

And that’s with a maintenance-free system that will be with you for the long term.

Why Make the Switch?

You’ll want to make the switch because REALice will let you maintain the ice more efficiently, reduce costs, and create a great sheet of ice. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • You’ll have November Ice — Even in July and that includes if you’re on sand, have no air conditioner… Take 7 minutes and listen to these operators talk about everything from spider cracks to running their ice at 23°F when they used to run it at 16-17°F.
  • It’s the “real deal” – Watch what Ryan has to say – 50 seconds
  • Reduces electricity consumption by 10% – 12% – Listen to Greg (3:27)
  • Gets ice that helps the puck stay flat – Watch Clarey talk about his new facility without a dehumidifier, and lots of operational improvements compared to hot water floods (3:42)
  • Increases the clarity of your ice – See Doug’s ice and find out if he would do it all over again
  • Lets you decommission equipment – Catch Cam’s story – raised the temps by 4-5°F and decommissioned a water heater, a pump and storage tank – and required ice maintenance fell, probably due to using the REALice wand instead of the traditional firehose
  • Solves hard water challenges – Even with well water (2:14)
  • Helps save water – Dagan and Chrissy – higher ice temperatures, less water on, less snow off… (3:29)
  • Eliminates spider cracks when building the ice – See Mike’s story – repeat customer despite their contractor trying to talk them out of installing REALice. Compressor run time on their twin pad was down 5,000 hours per season
  • Winner of ECHL best ice award – Celebrate with Nathan – 5,000 seat hockey arena and concert venue and less maintenance needed with event to ice conversions. ECHL hockey team: The Monument, South Dakota. No r/o – straight city water. (7 minutes)

Would you like to know more? Send an email to and we’d be happy to explain how you can be making ice all year long that sets up quickly, scars a lot less, and produces great ice that costs a whole lot less.

After all, the energy you don’t use is the energy that costs the least. And utility incentives may be available that will make your simple payback lightning fast.

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