FMC Ice Sports Orders REALice for 2 Massachusetts Arenas

Facilities Management Corporation of Pembroke, MA

FMC Ice Sports Orders REALice for 2 Massachusetts Arenas

November 29, 2017FMC Ice Sports (Facility Management Corporation), the operator of 24 indoor ice facilities in Massachusetts, has ordered two separate REALice Systems for indoor ice facilities in Burlington and Natick. The Burlington Ice Palace and the William L. Chase Arena are both busy, year round, single-pad surfaces averaging between 10 and 13 resurfaces per day. By going to REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology, these two arenas are expected to have a combined consumption reduction of over 5,500 therms of natural gas and a reduced electricity usage of around 200,000 kWh per year.

REALice’s vortex water treatment system was reviewed and recommended by MASS Saves (Massachusetts Technical Assessment Committee) earlier this year and because of that, both arenas are eligible for natural gas and electricity incentives through their energy suppliers, Eversource and NationalGrid.

“The rebates from Eversource and NationalGrid help early adopters to consider this energy-saving technology,” says Tom Smolarek, the President of Cypress, Ltd., an energy advisory company headquartered in California. “The incentives are a bonus to the annual energy savings the two arenas will see, while creating very high quality ice.” Cypress Ltd along with Southern Califorina Edison conducted the first measurement and verification project vetting the REALice energy savings in the USA.

Of the arenas under FMC Ice Sports’ management, 19 of them are state-owned arenas.

“We’re looking forward to installing the systems,” says Facility Management Corporation’s President and CEO, Robert McBride. “Our operations team has singled out the Natick and Burlington arenas to see the difference that cold water resurfacing will make in terms of energy spend and change of routine, if any. Being maintenance-free and an easy install was crucial in our decision to go ahead with the purchases.”

“We are thrilled that FMC has begun to look at REALice’s cold water resurfacing solution,” says Smolarek. “Higher utility rates are forcing arenas to find energy-efficient solutions like REALice. And because Massachusetts is the second-largest indoor ice rink market in the country, having a big player like FMC Ice Sports to make a commitment  like this is a huge milestone for the challenge we face with an industry that’s grown up using hot water. REALice will change all that — and let them make great ice too.”


With its head office in Pembroke, MA, FMC Ice Sports is an innovative leader of public recreational facility management, specializing in ice arena operations. Combined, FMC’s team has over a century of experience in the industry.


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