Go Green and Save Some Green with REALice

Go Green and Save Some Green with REALice

If you dread opening your rink’s electric bill, you’re not alone. It’s very expensive to run an indoor ice arena, and utility costs keep going up.

That’s why you need REALice. REALice will make your arena more sustainable — and save you a ton of green, too. In fact, it’s giving rinks all over America a competitive edge when it comes to producing high quality ice at a lower cost.

Go Green and Save Green with REALice!

Our maintenance-free water treatment system will let you use colder water to resurface, saving you $$$. And, since the REALice-treated water has better heat transfer properties, the floodwater will freeze faster, so there’s no choice but to run your ice warmer. As for quality? It will be at least as good as what you’ve got now — if not better!

It’s about the easiest way to reduce your arena’s energy spend. Most of our customers are able to shave around 10% off their electric bill – and up to 79% off of their natural gas costs – savings that are recurring, year after year!  The image below is a sample savings for a twin pad with one Olympic- and one NHL-sized rink. This facility’s ROI would be 1-2 years or less if local utility rebates/incentives are available.

With REALice, you’ll be able to:
* reduce your energy consumption
* reduce your compressors’ run time
* reduce your arena’s greenhouse gas emissions
* save $$$ and increase cash-flow, and
* make your arena a greener, safer environment with ice your user groups will love.

Want to know more? Contact us at support@realice.us and we’ll put a Rink Savings Estimate together for you and reach out to your utilities to see what your ROI will be.

Say Goodbye to Hot Water

Join over 100 North American ice arenas that have already let-go of the centuries-old practice of using extremely hot floodwater. Click on realice.us/estimate/ and we’ll show you what your savings will be, and give you a conservative estimate of incentives available in your State that will help to reduce your ROI.

REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology takes the place of using extremely hot water to resurface the ice. The patented, 3D-printed system is a brilliant example of fluid dynamics, using only the water pressure available at the arena to run the system, without any further consumables needed, like filters/membranes or chemicals to remove the micro air bubbles that are trapped in the water, The resulting water freezes faster, demanding less load from the refrigeration system and delivers ice that is clear, dense and durable.

About Cypress, Ltd.

Established in 1990, Cypress Ltd. delivers efficiency, demand response, technical and business technology assessments and 24/7 customer support services.

We support:

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