What Makes a GREAT Ice Resurfacer?

What makes a great ice resurfacer?

What Makes a GREAT Ice Resurfacer?

Driving an ice resurfacer is easy, right?

No, it is not!

This multitasking job is more demanding than many might think.

Les Quinton, former Parks & Recreation Manager at Oilfields Regional Arena in Diamond Valley explains in one minute, why that is.

It’s because drivers need to be experts in so many different things. Running a pattern, adjusting to the ice, by adjusting the blade and water. If all the operators are able to do all that properly, there will be so much less on-ice maintenance required.

Watch this short one-minute video with Les Quinton.

REALice since 2016

Les and his team started using REALice in 2016. That resulted in a floodwater temperature reduction of 70°F. They average 8 floods a day in their 8-month season. And they pay attention to their energy spend, with one of the lowest consumptions we’ve ever seen at any arena.

If you’d like to know more of how you can be saving energy by changing how your floodwater is treated, send us an email at support@realice.us. We’ll be happy to put a custom rink savings profile together for your facility so you can see just how much you can save each season!

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