Is there a HEATER in your FREEZER?

Is there a HEATER in your FREEZER?

Is there a HEATER in your FREEZER?

Are You Running a Heater in Your Freezer?

You are, if the ambient air temperature at 50-60°F. Or even warmer!!!

That heater in the freezer is costing facilities thousands of dollars per year. The refrigeration system needs run colder to maintain ice quality and combat the heat, resulting in additional operating hours on your plant.

So How Did it Get So Warm in the First Place?

Great question! Those temperatures are often a reaction to complaints from (often inadequately-dressed) spectators. Making them happy doesn’t make the ice happy, though – and the ice quality should be the main priority in a rink.

That’s what Les Quinton thinks. Watch as the former Parks & Recreation Manager talks about how the Oilfields Regional Arena in Diamond Valley, AB operates, and how temperature and humidity are managed in that facility. (They also worked on insulation, maintained weather stripping, added LED lights and, of course, installed a REALice system.)

The results? Reduced runtime on the compressors AND the dehumidifier, saving thousands of dollars each year.

Watch this short two-minute video with Les Quinton.

Talk to Your User Groups!

Reminding the coaches to remind the parents to dress appropriately when they come to the rink can also help. Keeping the ambient temperature under 50°F is not only good for the ice, it’s an easy way keep the costs down, which is good for everyone.

REALice since 2016

Les and his team started using REALice in 2016. That resulted in a floodwater temperature reduction of 70°F. They average 8 floods a day in their 8-month season. And they pay attention to their energy spend, with one of the lowest consumptions we’ve ever seen at any arena, averaging 22,000 kWh/month. You can do that too!!!

If you’d like to know more of how you can be saving energy by changing how your floodwater is treated, send us an email at We’ll be happy to put a custom rink savings profile together for your facility so you can see just how much you can save each season!

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