Roadmap to Net Zero Ice Rinks

Emission savings by system

Roadmap to Net Zero Ice Rinks

The Mayors Megawatt Challenge, a network of municipalities from Ontario, Canada (MMC) shared their Roadmap to Net Zero Ice Rinks recently. This pilot study looked at nine arenas in the Greater Toronto Area and assessed the many ways of how emissions can be reduced before purchasing carbon offsets to reach net-zero.

The REALice technology was specifically called out as a part of the solutions package. In fact, it is considered a high-impact measure, offering 13% CO2 reductions or, on average, over 20 tonnes per ice pad per year.

And, compared to other more cost-intense measures, REALice is a simple retrofit measure with high impact! Changing how you’re resurfacing will lower costs and make a significant impact to the CO2 emissions your arena is responsible for creating.

Bottom line: changing your resurfacing habits will be good for ALL of us.

Watch the entire webinar here.

High impact measure overview

Changing how you resurface is a high impact measure


“Reduce ice resurfacing water temperature by using cold water ice resurfacing products such as REALice or equivalent has a fairly large impact on emission reductions!”
– Frank Cammalleri, Enerlife Consulting/MMC

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