Braemar Arena, Edina MN

About This Project

Braemar Arena, Edina MN

The Braemar Arena is a three-pad facility in Minnesota owned by the Municipality of Edina. REALice was initially installed in one filling station to serve the needs of 2-NHL sized rinks; 10 months later, they purchased a second unit for a third, partly outdoor rink which operates 6-months of the year
Features: 3 x 200 ft x 85 ft ice surface, 8 team locker rooms,

Electrical and gas savings with REALice at Braemar Arena


kWh Estimated Savings with REALice®



  • Ice temperature raised 4°F (6% refrigeration savings/1°F)
  • Stronger, clearer ice and increased ice quality
  • Cold water means less dehumidification

Estimated Savings 228,862 kWh


Estimated Therms saved with REALice®


Gas Savings

  • No natural gas used to heat water for flooding
  • 200 gallons x 9 times a day @ 140°F => 50°F
  • 12 months of the year.

Estimated savings: 9,666 Therms



7501 Ikola Way Edina, MN +1 952-833-9500

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