Ice Box, Kamloops

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Ice Box Arena, Kamloops

The Ice Box Arena in Kamloops, BC is an indoor rink that is open year round from Mondays through Fridays, offering power skating, public skating, figure skating, and ice skating lessons. There are leagues and programs available for adult and youth ice hockey.

Features: Designated lounge area for birthday parties and special event bookings, with catering option.

Electrical and Gas Savings at the Ice Box 


kWh Estimated Savings with REALice®



  • Ice Temperature raised 2-4°F (6% refrigeration savings/1°F)
  • Stronger, clearer ice and increased ice quality
  • Cold water means less heat at the Ice Cube system, which was at its cooling capacity limits especially during the warmer seasons.
  • Cold water means less dehumidification
  • Less hard water problem

Estimated Savings 55,000 kWh


GJ Verified savings with REALice®


Gas Savings

  • No natural gas used to heat water for flooding
  • 160USG x 8-10 times a day @ 123°F => 80°F
    (Ice Box Arena in Kamloops operates heat pumps (Ice Cube System) as their refrigeration system for maintaining the ice. The heat pumps reject the heat from the condenser into the heating system of the facility. It was observed that the post retrofit resurfacing water temperature could not be lowered below 80F as the Ice Cube system would have failed to satisfy the heating loads).
  • 12 Months of the year.

Verified savings 150GJ 






Good, hard and fast ice. Fun ice to play hockey on! Blake, Ice Tech at the Ice Box Arena.


563 Dene Road Kamloops BC V2H 1J1 1 250 377-4282

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