Spartan Arena, Castleton University

About This Project

Spartan Arena, Castleton University, Rutland VT

The Spartan Arena is a single pad facility in Vermont owned by Castleton University. REALice was installed in an effort to improve the ice quality of the arena, which uses well water with a high calcium count. In fact, the quality of their water impacted the quality of their ice, which skaters described as being “slow” and “gritty”.
As well as improving their ice surface, they were able to stop using extremely hot water to resurface by using REALice. With such a reduction in their hot water needs, they were able to de-commission three hot water heaters as well as the boiler that fed those hot water heaters. Between the propane savings for the boiler and the electricity savings for the hot water heaters — as well as an increase in their set point temperature — their utility costs have been reduced significantly.

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