Tilbury Ice, Delta, B.C.

About This Project

Tilbury Ice, Delta BC

Tilbury Ice Arena is a centrally located ice rink for residents of both South and North Delta just off River Road in the Tilbury Industrial Park. The arena is open seven days a week.
Features: 200 ft x 80 ft ice surface, four dressing rooms, climate-controlled viewing space, multi-purpose room, outdoor street hockey box, restaurant and bar (independently operated)

Electrical and Gas Savings at Tilbury 


kWh Estimated Savings with REALice®



  • Ice Temperature raised 4°F (6% refrigeration savings/1°F)
  • Stronger, clearer ice and increased ice quality
  • Cold water means less dehumidification

Estimated Savings 56,000 kWh


GJ estimated savings with REALice®


Gas Savings

  • No natural gas used to heat water for flooding
  • 160USG x 6-8 times a day @ 140°F => 50°F
  • 8 Months of the year.

Estimated savings 270GJ 



7187 Vantage Way, Delta BC V4G 1K7 1 604 940 4448

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