REALice Technology Recommended for State-wide Energy Efficiency Programs in Massachusetts


REALice Technology Recommended for State-wide Energy Efficiency Programs in Massachusetts

April 24, 2017 – The Massachusetts Technology Assessment Committee (MTAC) has given notice that it will be referring REALice’s ice rink vortex water treatment technology to its Program Administrators for potential inclusion in energy efficiency programs operating in that state.

In making the announcement, Robert Laurence, the Chair of MTAC, wrote:

“The committee recognizes that the Ice Rink Vortex Water Treatment System has the potential to reduce the energy used by the refrigeration system’s compressors and the amount of fuel used to produce the hot water needed for ice resurfacing.”

The MTAC committee is comprised of engineering and program staff from the eight energy efficiency program administrators in Massachusetts. MTAC works closely innovative technology providers and is charged with rigorously assessing and vetting transformative technologies for potential eligibility in energy efficiency programs operating in the state.

On learning of MTAC’s decision, Tom Smolarek, President of Cypress Ltd., an energy advisory company assisting in the technology transfer of the patented Swedish technology to US markets commented, “Massachusetts, with over 150 hockey rinks, is the second largest in the US with only Minnesota having more rinks. With so many ice arenas — and many of them owned by colleges and universities — catching the attention of MTAC will help the state achieve considerable reductions in both energy usage and total carbon footprint.  This further demonstrates Massachusetts leadership across the US in promoting energy reductions and greenhouse gas reductions.”

MTAC has referred 20 other technologies to date aimed at a mix of commercial, industrial and residential markets. To see the entire list of technologies, click here.

The eight utilities and energy efficiency service providers participating in the Mass Save initiative are Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid and Unitil.

About REALice

Indoor ice has been made for decades using very hot water, which removes tiny air bubbles from the water, resulting in a smooth skating surface when poured thinly and then frozen. REALice®’s ice rink vortex water treatment system is a radical and proven approach to ice making, removing the micro bubbles in the water, lowering its viscosity through a patented vortex process delivering the same results, without the expense of hot water. In addition to using less energy by not needing to heat up the water, REALice reduces the run time on the compressors and lets the ice makers maintain a great sheet of ice at warmer temperatures, saving anywhere from 9-13% off the monthly electricity bills.

About Cypress Ltd.

Established in 1990, Cypress Ltd. delivers efficiency, demand response, technical and business technology assessments and customer support services.

We support:

  • Investor and municipal owned utility associations, and special utility districts
  • The commercial, industrial, institution/government, education and residential customer markets
  • Energy value chain participants such as manufacturers, distributors, contractors and the technical design community
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