Looking to Reduce Costs? Look to REALice.

Reduce your costs with REALice

Looking to Reduce Costs? Look to REALice.

We know these are challenging times for indoor ice arenas. Keeping great ice is what you do — and it’s expensive — especially if you’re still using hot water to flood. REALice can help. REALice treats the water so you can use use cold water to flood – reducing your energy spend, raising your ice temps and making an impact on your compressors’ run time.

Watch Michael Knight, Supervisor of Arenas for the Sardis Sports Complex in Chilliwack, BC share his experience with REALice. This interview is from the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge webinar called “Treated cold floodwater: debunking the myths”.

Click here to watch the replay of the interview with Michael Knight 

From a Twin to a Triple

The Twin Rinks in Chilliwack expanded in 2019 to become the Sardis Sports Complex with a triple pad. They had installed REALice in 2016 on their twins; one of the two pads is on a sand floor.

By using REALice, Mike and his crew were able to turn down the flood water temperature to 70°F and increase the brine temperature by 3°F. And their ice? It’s FANTASTIC.

Reducing Run Time by 5,000 Hours

But that’s not all, Mike shares, how he stopped having spider cracks on his sand floor and how the brine reset, thanks to the REALice system, saves around 5,000 hours of run time on his compressors each year.

So, when the time came and the third arena was to be added, it was a no-brainer for them to get a second REALice system.

They were eligible for incentives: your arena may be eligible too. If you’d like to know more, contact us!

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