REALice Technical Brief

The science behind REALice

REALice Technical Brief

The Science Behind REALice

How exactly does REALice work?

In this technical brief, the effects of Watreco’s patented Vortex Process Technology (VPT) on water are explained. Also discussed is air in water (in the context of artificial ice making), the sizes of micro air bubbles, as well as the concept of slippery ice.

Download the REALice Technical Brief here.


The REALice technology is an in-line hydraulic device that strips entrained micro-bubbles from the fluid flow based on accepted fluid dynamics principles. It is common in water piping systems that there is entrained air in the water (hot or cold) with some of it in the form of micro-bubbles which will impact ice quality when resurfacing ice in rinks. The primary impact on the resurfacing water is the removing of undissolved free gasses in micro-bubble form.

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