Ice that’s Shiny and Smooth

Smooth and shiny ice

Ice that’s Shiny and Smooth

April 16, 2022 – Many curlers have no dedicated ice of their own and sharing skating ice isn’t always ideal. Louis Robichaud, Manager of the Woodland Arena in Vermillion Bay, ON sent us a video on getting his REALice ice ready for a curling bonspiel, and he is impressed with the condition of the ice for the curlers.

“The ice is shiny and smooth, with no skate marks whatsoever,” he explains.

Louis shows what the ice looks like after a dry shave, and after a subsequent light flood.

“There aren’t any grooves,” he exclaims.

Higher Brine Settings

REALice uses pressure to de-aerate the floodwater, delivering denser water at a lower viscosity that freezes fast. Because it freezes so quickly, the brine settings need to be raised significantly warmer than what’s needed with traditional hot water floods. Louis has already raised the brine temperature by 4°F. The ice temperature is now at 26°F. Those warmer temperatures result in ice that is fast, clear and smooth, producing less snow

Louis is happy with the results.

“I’ve got nothing but praises to say about it,” says Louis. “It’s an excellent system and we are hoping to see the benefits of it for years to come!”

Watch the short video here

After the bonspiel, Louis sent us a note.

“The curlers loved the ice. They said it was ‘fast ice’!”

Save on Water Heating and Compressor Run Time, too

Using colder floodwater is one way you’ll save, but less compressor run time is another. The Woodland Arena’s compressors used to average 17 hours a day and they’re now averaging 10. That’s just a couple of the benefits of REALice, but the list goes on, including no more spider cracks, less/no high discharge pressure issues and lower humidity levels in the rink. The REALice system is 3D-printed, uses only water pressure and requires no other energy, no chemicals, no filters or any maintenance. It has an expected life of at least 15 years where it will continue to treat the water, year after year, after year.

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