Easily Slash Your Utility Costs NOW, with a Retrofit That WON’T Have YOU Throwing A Fit

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Easily Slash Your Utility Costs NOW, with a Retrofit That WON’T Have YOU Throwing A Fit

Most energy-saving #retrofits need to be done with the ice out. 🙁

But not REALice.

REALice is a quick install: it takes a few hours of your on-call plumber’s time, and you’ll be slashing your utility costs right away.


So why aren’t you considering REALice? You should. Because…

REALice is a Much Simpler Solution

REALice is a much simpler solution than your current hot water floods. You’ll have fewer complaints when the teams hit the showers because the hot water will still be hot! There’s no maintenance to perform: you install it and, as long as you have sufficient static water pressure, this 3D-printed system will continue to do its job – day after day, year after year.

It Uses Water Pressure Only

REALice makes great ice using water pressure ONLY. No filters, no membranes, no chemicals. It uses water pressure to deaerate the water which also lowers the viscosity and increases the density of the water. That results in water that produces dense, clear, durable ice without having to heat it. And requires less refrigeration.

To Create Ice That Costs a Whole Lot Less

If you’re sick of higher utility bills that are either cutting into your bottom line, or forcing more price increases, it’s time to consider REALice. In addition to the avoided energy spend, the ice plant will run less too — pushing out the major maintenance intervals substantially.

In Fact, REALice is the Future of Ice

REALice is the future of ice making. It’s good your bottom line, it makes great ice — and is better for the environment. It has a 15-year expected life, using nothing but pressure to give you dense, clear, durable ice and there’s a list of equipment you won’t need to replace anymore.

Want to know more? Send an email to support@realice.us and we’d be happy to show just how much energy you could be saving – and if incentives are available to speed up your ROI.

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