Sno-King Orders First REALice System

A second installation for REALice in the State of Washington

Sno-King Orders First REALice System

Welcoming REALice to Washington Again!!!

May 2, 2018 – Jamie Huscroft, the operations manager for the Sno-King Ice Arena in Renton, WA today confirmed an order for a REALice cold water resurfacing system for this two pad facility. The installation, which is expected before the beginning of June, will mark the first for Renton and the Sno-King organization, and the second installation of REALice in the State of Washington. The first REALice System was installed in December, 2017 at Tacoma Twin Rinks in Tacoma, WA.

Sno-King Ice Arenas, with locations in Renton and Kirkland, WA, are Board-run. The decision to go ahead with the purchase of REALice was made at a Board meeting at the end of April. Puget Sound Energy, Sno-King Renton’s energy supplier, has offered incentives to purchase the energy-saving device.

Be Bold: Go Cold

The REALice system will help keep a handle on rising energy costs which directly impact the ice costs for its user groups. For the 2017-18 season, the Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association had over 575 players in 50 teams in competitive hockey programs — and over 300 participants in the Beginner’s programs.

Going to REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology takes the place of needing to use extremely hot water to resurface the ice. The patented, 3D-printed system is a brilliant example of fluid dynamics, using the water pressure at the arena to remove the micro air bubbles that are trapped in the water. The resulting ice is clear, dense and durable that scars less and, when it does scar, repairs itself quicker.

And it saves on energy too.

For the Sno-King Arena in Renton, WA, by going to cold water resurfacing, their annual consumption will be reduced by over 120,000 kWh of electricity and over 3,500 Therms of natural gas by resurfacing using tap-temperature cold water.

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