In Tacoma, REALice Saves a TON of Energy, Makes BETTER Ice

Tacoma Twin Rinks

In Tacoma, REALice Saves a TON of Energy, Makes BETTER Ice

Many utilities are working hard to help their customers cut down on their annual energy spend, including Tacoma Public Utilities in Tacoma, WA. Today, the utility released a video today which highlights the cooperation between it and one of their community ice rink customers. In it, we discover that REALice cold water resurfacing technology at the Tacoma Twin Rinks it was “thinking outside the box” for energy savings, that it’s saving a TON of energy, and makes better ice.


But REALice was an energy-saving method they weren’t exactly sure about how well it would work.

But not any more.

Tacoma Power’s Energy Conservation Manager, Jack Zeiger, is featured in the video, saying, “It saves them a ton of energy, and makes a lot better ice.”

How much energy?

“Between 15-20% per year!”

Here at REALice, that kind of talk is music to our ears — and so are the comments that the Tacoma Twin Rinks’ owner makes in the video.

“The first thing we saw was the clear ice,” says Rob Kaufman, who’s wife and partner, Donna Kaufman, is regional director for USA Hockey.

The Future of Hockey

“We’ve got grandchildren playing,” Kaufman says, “and we want to leave them with something better than now.”

See more of the Tacoma Power video of the Tacoma Twin Rinks’ REALice experience here.

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