The Perfect Tool for Your Rink

REALice at Osoyoos

The Perfect Tool for Your Rink

We’ve heard it called “Our Secret Weapon“. Some call it “The Black Bulb” because of its shape. But the nickname we think is most impressive is “The Turbocharger“.  No matter what they call it, ice makers using REALice have one thing in common: they love the ice they’re making using REALice’s floodwater treatment system.

REALice will be the turbocharger at the heart of your rink because of the benefits it delivers.

One of the great things about the REALice system (as you can see by the picture of this sweet installation), is it doesn’t take up a lot of space. And that’s important in the ice resurfacer room where, often, it’s a tight squeeze to walk around the machine. Once the REALice wall unit is installed, that’s where it will stay — year after year — doing its job with no maintenance required! You might even forget the Turbocharger is there!

To make great ice, all you need to do is use REALice the way it’s intended  — to have sufficient water pressure, use all that pressure each time you’re filling your floodwater tanks or using the handheld, and have the ability to move your ice temperatures higher. Your ice WILL need to run warmer with REALice (that’s where the big energy savings are!). But don’t worry, it will take a lot for this clear, dense ice to start melting!

REALice is reducing energy costs across the country. And with orders coming each week, we see that owners and managers are tired of paying expensive utility bills they can avoid with REALice. REALice-treated water creates great ice, too: it’s a win for everyone in the rink – the skaters, the ice makers AND the owners.

So why not you?

Because the REALice-treated cold water contains less micro air bubbles than heated water, once it hits the ice surface, it freezes faster. The ice temps need to be raised higher, resulting in a significant reduction in the compressors’ run time. This has a direct impact on electricity consumption, which can make a difference from as much as 9-13% of your current consumption. Lower run times mean additional savings with less compressor maintenance in the long term, extending the shelf life of their equipment.

It’s time.

It’s time to switch to REALice. With high energy costs — and rebates available from many utilities — changing from hot to cold water ice resurfacing has never made more sense. To find out what REALice would mean to your facility, check out our Savings Calculator and see for yourself now.

Savings Calculator