Top 5 REAsons for REALice

Top 5 Reasons Why REALice

Top 5 REAsons for REALice

Why should you put REALice in your arena?

Great question!

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to consider REALice:

#1 – Make consistently better ice — REALice lets you make clear, strong and resilient ice. REALice drains the micro air bubbles from the water, resulting in a denser sheet of ice. Did you know: ice made with REALice-treated water is 46% stronger than ice made with hot water? See the ice hardness test

#2 – Save fuel by not heating the resurfacing water. Resurfacing with unheated water will let you reduce your natural gas usage by an average of 79%. See FortisBC large scale pilot.

#3 – Save electricity – because REALice-treated water has different properties, it freezes faster than regular water and requires resetting the brine temperature higher — by 3-5°F. You’ll make great ice and SAVE 10-12% of your facility’s electric consumption. See Town of Caledon, ON project findings.

#4 –  Save CO2 emissions – reducing your energy consumption means less greenhouse gases are emitted to the atmosphere.

#5 – Save on equipment use – with reduced draw on compressors and boilers, your equipment will last longer, and less maintenance will be needed.

Tried and tested – REALice is supported by various utilities across the USA who examine our calculations and provide incentives to our customers. Short on cash? No problem. Financing is available through the National Energy Improvement Fund, specializing in energy-efficiency projects like REALice.

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