For Utility Incentives, We Make Your Project Easy

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For Utility Incentives, We Make Your Project Easy

We Take Care of the Paperwork for You

We know that it’s hard to see your desk sometimes. That’s why if you want to cut down on your arena’s energy consumption, by going with REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology, we’ll make your project easy. Leave the paperwork to us: we’re happy to track down, fill out and submit the necessary forms to get the utility incentives and rebates you’re eligible for. All you’ll need to do is review and sign!

Take the Pagel Activity Center in Minnetonka, Minnesota as an example. They wanted to install REALice’s cold water resurfacing technology in their twin pad to save energy and reduce the amount of snow buildup on their ice. Their natural gas supplier is CenterPoint Energy and their electricity comes from XCEL Energy. We found REBATE PROGRAMMES FROM BOTH UTILITIES that the REALice installation in Pagel was a perfect fit.

Ruby Irigoyen, the Vice President of Customer Services for Cypress, Ltd., oversees all utility applications on behalf of the customer. Irigoyen says having Cypress manage the applications makes sense.

“It takes away all the time-consuming work for the customer. We know what’s available, how to apply, how to attach and explain the calculations that need to be provided — and to follow up,” Irigoyen says. “It lets you do what you do best, which is running your business, and it lets us do what we do best, which is managing energy efficiency.”

By letting you resurface using cold water — with no additional energy sources needed, no filters or membranes to change and no chemicals to manage — REALice reduces your energy spend in a few different ways. First, we save by not needing to heat up your resurfacing water anymore. And because the REALice-treated water freezes faster, you’ll be increasing the temps for your ice by a few degrees. The rebates you’ll get, on top of the perpetual energy savings, are a one-time payment based on the estimated first year’s savings. Those payments will substantially lower the Return on Investment on your REALice installation significantly.

Since REALice requires no ongoing maintenance, your operations team will love it. Ask us for a Rink Savings Estimate today — we’ll tell you how many kilowatt hours of electricity and therms of natural gas you’ll save each year based on your current schedule, configuration and utility rates. And tell us who your energy suppliers are: we’ll find out what programmes are in place and give you a ballpark idea of the kind of incentives/rebates you will receive by going to the REALice System.

For more information, contact:

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Cypress Ltd.
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