Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is showing wonderful enthusiasm for adopting new technology for ice rinks. Positive user feedback encourages further interest and among many benefits, a few items stands out:

Less draw on compressors and boilers

Less dehumidifier run time

Less condensation in the arena

Less water used and wasted

Less lime scale build up

More hot water for showers


The communities of Duncan, Fuller Lake, Mill Bay and Victoria, along with many others are reaping the benefits of savings and energy conservation with REALice®; skating arenas are making a note worthy impact on the environment as well as operating budgets.

User feedback on REALice®

“Our staff and users are completely satisfied with the switch, in fact if we hadn’t told users about it they wouldn’t even have noticed the change. On top of that, we are already seeing reductions in our gas and electricity usage.” Tony Liddle, Operations Coordinator Kerry Park Rec. Centre, Mill Bay


“REALice® works and making great ice comes from good ice maintenance”, Fred Kilner, Fuller Lake Arena, Chemainus, BC.

“I was a sceptic at first as it goes against all we are taught as icemakers using cold water only. After switching and witnessing results first hand and listening to user comments, I’m now convinced that this technology is the right choice for us!” Brad Coleman, Facility Operations Coordinator Island Savings Centre


“Besides the utility savings, we have seen a great increase in the clarity of the ice and we noticed that scale build up has been reduced since last season”, says Garry Breck, Facility Maintenance Coordinator Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex.

REALice® Installations on Vancouver Island

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