What would you do with the money you save using REALice?


What would you do with the money you save using REALice?

Higher salaries.
Additional personnel.
New equipment.


These are just three examples of what REALice customers are doing with their energy savings by no longer using hot water to resurface their ice. Imagine what you could do if your ice arena was able to cut its natural gas and electricity bills anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 per month – or more.

REALice is a game changer. We’re changing the way ice makers are maintaining ice, resulting in real energy savings — and great ice too!

Without any filters, membranes or other energy sources necessary, the REALice® system takes hot water out of the ice resurfacing process. Those savings begin as soon as the system is installed and they continue, month after month, year after year — season after season. Your ice will be smooth, hard and clear — and your user groups will be impressed.

Better Than Hot Water

REALice acts like hot water, but without the hot water expense. By removing the micro air bubbles that are present in water — the tiny gasses that cause fragile ice — ice makers can use cold water for resurfacing with great results. And the resulting ice? It’s clear, hard and resilient — ice that will keep all levels of hockey players and figure skaters happy.

And in addition to reducing your utility bills, REALice is eligible for a variety of energy grants, incentives and rebates. Let us show you just how much money you can be saving, starting now.

How much can you save with REALice? Click here to find out now..

Ice makers have been told that they need hot water to make great ice. Not with REALice. Start reducing your energy consumption now, and use that money for other things.

Like higher salaries. Additional personnel. New equipment…


Energy Incentives

REALice may be eligible for utility incentives and rebates that can go a long way to improve your Return on Investment. We’ll even help with that, too!

Stop wasting money heating water to food your ice. Let us show you just how much money you can be saving with REALice. Click here to get a free, no-obligation assessment for your facility.


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